1. How do I register to run/walk?
Online registration is now open! Visit the Registration page to get started.
Participant Fees:
Adult Participant - $25.00 
Child Participant - Free (Ages 18 or younger)
Virtual Participant - Free (to set up a personal fundraising page only; not physically running/walking in the 5K)
Want to sponsor a specific runner, walker, or team instead? Visit the Sponsor a Participant page for details.
If you are unable to participate in the 5K, but still want to support HAVEN Free Clinic, we are accepting donations here. You may also register as a Virtual Participant to set up a personal fundraising page without physically running/walking in the 5K.
2. Where and when is the event?
Date: Sunday, October 6, 2019
Location: Edgewood Park (New Haven, CT)
Race Start Time: 10:00 AM (Please arrive for registration beginning at 8 AM.)
Race Start/Finish Location: Edgewood Park, New Haven
Please visit the Course Logistics page for more details about the race.
3. Why should I participate in the event?
By committing to this event and/or pledging to raise money for its success, you are helping raise critical funds that will support the very important mission of our clinic.
We are dedicated to the community of New Haven and all proceeds raised from the 5K will enable us to provide quality, comprehensive health care free-of-charge to underserved adults living in this neighborhood. With your support, we hope to make a difference in New Haven, while at the same time, helping our student volunteers to understand the importance and value of providing primary care in a community health setting.
We wish you success as you prepare for the event. Train, set and achieve new goals, enjoy the race, and get all the sponsors you can! When you cross that finish line, we will all be winners – you, HAVEN Free Clinic, and all of the patients that we serve!
4. How can my sponsors submit payment?
Online contributions can be made by credit card on each runner’s personalized page. Just make sure to tell your sponsors to select your name from the list of runners on the Sponsor a Participant page.
5. I am concerned that I might not be able to raise the required funds. Will I be able to do it?
Yes! Even if you've never raised money before, we have provided helpful materials to make it easy for you to collect sponsorship and support from friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, and others. Please refer to the sample letters and additional information found on your personal fundraising page for details. Feel free to personalize these letters when sending them out, as you want your sponsors to know that they are supporting YOU and YOUR efforts! You can also ask your sponsors to check with their employers as well, as many companies offer charitable donation matching programs that can help you achieve your goals more quickly. Make sure to thank your sponsors too! 
6. Is the 5K only for runners?
No. The event is intended to be a day of fun and fitness. Join us on Sunday, October 6, 2019 to run, walk, or simply cheer for HAVEN Free Clinic. Bring your family members and/or friends to support you! We look forward to having an exciting community gathering to support our clinic.
We are anticipating that many of our participants are first-time 5K runners desiring to support our clinic. Feel free to go at whatever pace you'd like. It might take a little training and coaching to complete the race, but we know you can do it! We will be here to inspire you every step of the way.
In addition to the 5K run/walk, we will be hosting a post-race party for the entire community starting at 10:30 AM at Edgewood Park. The celebration will include music, games, and free food/refreshments! We will also have awards and prizes for race participants.
7. Do you run alone or as a team?
Either! Participants can join an existing team, create a new team, or register alone.
All teams should have one Team Captain, who should create the team on the Registration page. All team members will then be able to join once their team once it has been created by the Team Captain. The Team Captain should use the "Create Team" link instead of the "Individual" link to create a personal fundraising page.
All participants will have their own personal fundraising page, but teams will be able to see how much they have raised together as a team. However, there will be separate awards for raising money for individuals and for teams.

8. Can I volunteer at the race?
Yes! There will be plenty of opportunities to volunteer at the race, and we would greatly appreciate your help. Volunteers will receive a code to register for the race for free. If you are interested in volunteering, please check back on the Volunteer page in early September for details.
9. Is there a refund/exchange policy?
Yes. If a donation was made accidentally or for the wrong amount, simply Contact Us about the issue and we will be happy to make any necessary refunds, changes or corrections. Race registration fees are not refundable.
10. How can I get there? Is parking available?
There will be free shuttle buses running to and from the Yale campus and Edgewood Park throughout the morning and early afternoon. There will also be limited parking in the lot at Edgewood Park, available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please see the Course Logistics page for additional details about the free shuttle. 
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