Good Grief builds resilience in children, strengthens families, and empowers communities to grow from loss and adversity. We achieve our mission through four key initiatives:
Nights of Support: our nationally respected programs equip grieving families with the support and tools they need to face their grief. From the start, Good Grief helps families develop healthy coping skills, provides a caring environment to process their feelings, and creates a sense of hopefulness.
Satellite Locations: urban youth have difficulty accessing resources outside of their communities, and few providers directly address bereavement, despite its many risk factors. Good Grief fills this gap in support through an easily accessible program directly in the communities where families live, learn, and play.
Grief Expressions Summer Camp: our full-immersion summer camp program for first through eighth graders who have experienced the death of someone important in their lives. Camp provides kids with the unique opportunity to use their creativity and imagination in a safe environment for the purpose of expressing their grief.
Good Grief Schools: our school based program takes a comprehensive approach to help children build resilience to overcome loss and adversity in their lives. Our model creates a healthy and supportive school environment for students, educators, and parents.
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