Event Details
Saturday, May 4, 2019
Urban Squash Cleveland
4701 Lorain Ave,
Cleveland, OH 44102
2:00 pm: Check-In / Brief Introduction
2:30 pm: Match Play Begins
4:00 pm:  Finals
4:30 pm:  Fundraising & Competition Awards Ceremony, Cocktail Reception
What is the Racquets Rally Format?
The event is comprised of two (2) competitions; a Fundraising Rally & Squash Competition.  The Format consists of:
- 6 Teams of 10 (ten) squash players, and as many fundraising participants as desired
- Each team will include one Urban Squash Cleveland Student
- Each team MUST include one individual of the opposite gender
Format Details:
Singles Squash
2 Groups of Round Robin (each team plays 2 contests)
One final match (team that qualifies first from each group)
- Singles squash games: one game to 7 minutes. Maximum number of points wins!
Winner Decided: One point per game won, if at the end of the round robin, two teams are tied in total points, then head to head will prevail. If still tied, then a designated team member will play in a one rally squash game.
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