About Us
The Leon and Leona Brauser Maimonides Academy (BMA) is a Modern Orthodox Jewish Day School committed to academic excellence in both Judaic and General Studies, while maintaining a warm, nurturing, learning environment in which our students thrive intellectually, socially and spiritually. BMA strives to empower our students with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed to their full potential. The school seeks to instill within each child a lifelong love of Torah with adherence to Halacha; love and respect for Klal Yisrael and Medinat Yisrael; commitment to mitzvot; development of positive middot, and proficiency in modern Hebrew. The uniqueness of a BMA education is its child-centered approach, which focuses on each student’s individual character and personality. The cultivation of responsibility, discipline, self-esteem, confidence and genuine love and respect for all people is the hallmark of our education. Through growth in character, spirituality and Torah knowledge, BMA strives to produce graduates that are uplifted by their education and motivated to become contributing members of the Jewish community and the world at large.
Our care for the whole child is built upon three core values:
ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE We encourage our students to excel academically in an atmosphere that encourages curiosity, creativity, critical thinking and integrity.
RELIGIOUS COMMITMENT We strive to provide our students with a firm foundation in Torah and Jewish law, a desire for a meaningful relationship with God, and a love for Jewish learning and practice. We cultivate an enduring love for the people of Israel, and the State of Israel.
CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT We emphasize the highest standard of derech eretz (personal conduct) and seek to instill in our students sensitivity towards others in all of their words and actions. We promote a deep sense of אחריות (responsibility) for ourselves, for each other, for the Jewish community, for Israel, America and for people around the world.
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