Global Woman P.E.A.C.E. Foundation has been awarding women and men for their work against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and other types of violence against women and girls since 2015.  In 2017, a special international nomination committee was appointed to nominate such candidates, and the committee cast their votes and determine the winners.  As the nominees come in from the committee they are posted to this page.  
Dr. Ranit Mishori - Medical/Health
Dr. Ranit Mishori is a physician and writer whose twin careers in family medicine and international journalism create a unique perspective on the many issues involved in delivering healthcare here and abroad. From an early start covering wars and the plight of refugees for a global news organization, Dr. Mishori went on to study medicine and public health, earning an MHS in International Health from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and an MD from Georgetown University School of Medicine. A graduate of the Georgetown University/Providence hospital Family Medicine Residency, she is currently director of the Department of Family Medicine's Global Health Initiatives, where she has initiated and lead the Global Health Scholars Track at the residency and various collaborative projects internationally (in Latin America, Haiti, Africa and the Middle East). As a clinician, Dr. Mishori sees patients regularly and serves as an attending physician at the Georgetown University/Providence Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program, precepting residents in the outpatient office and supervising the family medicine inpatient service on a rotating basis.  Dr. Mishori’s main areas of interest and expertise are health and human rights and the care of vulnerable populations, particularly forced migrants (refugees and asylum seekers).  She has created curricula, given talks and presentations nationally and internationally, written articles and conducted research on topics related to asylum and refugee care, human trafficking, female-genital mutilation, torture and human rights in medical education. Dr. Mishori is the faculty advisor for Georgetown’s Asylum Program.
Attorney Ayodele Gansallo - Legal
Ayodele Gansallo has been practicing immigration and human rights law since 1992, both in the U.S. and in the U.K., the country where she grew up.  Her entire career in this field has been in the non-profit world.  She believes that a person's financial status should not determine the quality of service she/he receives.  She is committed to providing the best service that she can and she truly loves the work she does.  Attorney Gansallo was vigilant in assisting immigrants at the airport during the travel ban in 2017.  She was one of the first attorneys to rush to the Philadelphia International Airport to offer her assistance.  In 2016 she assisted Global Woman P.E.A.C.E. Foundation to help file asylum papers for a Liberian FGM survivor whose life had been threatened in her native country.   
Dr. Beryl Dorsett - Advocacy
Dr. Beryl Dorsett is a lifelong educator who has dedicated her life to global betterment through philanthropy. A distinguished educator, Dr. Dorsett was appointed Assistant Secretary of Education by President Ronald Reagan in February 1987, becoming the first female appointed to that office. During her tenure, she was responsible for the complete oversight of the five-billion-dollar federal program that created national programs and protocols for the United States’ elementary and secondary school systems. Her other positions of leadership in education include being the Assistant Principal (Interim acting) of Public School #22, Principal (Interim Acting) of Public School #73 and Director of the Office of Funded Programs in Community School District Nine. Dr. Dorsett received her Ed.D from Fordham University in 1997.
Severina Lemachokoti - Survivor Activist
Severina Lemachokoti is an anti-FGM campaigner, a human rights defender and a gender activist from the Samburu community in Northern Kenya. Severina is currently a student at Wichita State University, Kansas State pursuing a Master’s Degree in Liberal arts, with focus on Community Psychology, Sociology and Women Studies. As a professional trained teacher, she also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and a higher diploma in Psychological Counseling.  She recently earned a Master's Degree.  As one of the survivors of FGM, Severina uses her own experience to educate young girls from Kenya and her community to say “NO” to FGM and embrace education. She has helped in changing the lives of young girls and women in her community through mentorship programs in schools and churches. As a trained counselor in psychology, she focuses on helping the survivors heal from the traumatizing experiences. Severina worked as a program officer for the ANTI-FGM Board, a government body under the ministry of gender to implement the anti-FGM act of 2011 and the 2010 constitution of Kenya to protect the rights of young girls in Kenya. 
Marie Claire Moraldo - Survivor Activist
Marie Claire Kakpotia Moraldo was born on April 24th, 1982 in Ivory Coast, West Africa. She holds a Master's Degree in Commercial Management and Project Management from the Kedge Business School in Marseille, France. Marie was a victim of excision (FGM) at the age of 9. She underwent restorative surgery in 2016. She created the association, The Red Orchids in March 2017, the first association to fight against FGM (excision) and forced marriage in the Department of the Gironde. Marie works for the rights of women and girls. She recently created the group, Happy Business Women, which aims to be a group of mutual help and motivation among business women. She set up projects of long-lasting development in the Ivory Coast, as well as a cooperative to help the women to acquire their financial autonomy, so that they can live as they want without undergoing the traditions and the violence of the men.
Maria Akhter - Student Ambassador
Maria Akhter joined Sahiyo as a volunteer in 2017 after becoming more aware of the activist community working to end FGM.  Maria was born in California to a Bohra family, however, her mother, a survivor of FGM, chose to not have Maria undergo it. Maria did not learn of her mother’s decision until two years ago when news broke about FGM happening in the Bohra community more widely. Afterwards, Maria and her mother had an in depth about FGM and Maria felt forever thankful in learning that her mother had not subjected her to the practice. Immediately after their conversation, Maria felt an intense need to become part of the movement working to prevent FGM from happening to future girls.  She’s currently a 2018 graduating undergraduate student at the University of California, studying Economics and Literature and passionately enjoys writing. In the past year, Maria has been an essential part of Sahiyo’s U.S. activities. As one of the youngest volunteers at Sahiyo, she helped coordinate the first ever Sahiyo U.S. Activist Retreat in January 2018, and she is largely responsible for organizing logistics around a May 2018 workshop in the Bay Area (California) where U.S. women from all backgrounds affected by FGM came together to create digital storytelling videos. Maria's blog can be found on Sahiyo's website,